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C-Level Selling Tips – Keep Competition Out of Your Key Accounts

Competitors are constantly approaching your top customers and their C-level executive staffs with offers of better, easier, and cheaper. If you’re nothing special to the high ranking staff you’re vulnerable to replacement. If any of the staff had missed expectations, you’ll be talked about negatively and again vulnerable. If you haven’t stayed in touch reinforcing… Read More »

Selling to C-Levels – 8 Interviewing Tips to Easily Close Sales

Most sales people know enough to ask questions. And every sales person has heard a thousand times to listen more than they speak. However, most sales people interrogate rather than interview. The difference is; interrogating is about the sales person, and interviewing is about the prospect or C-level executive. Interviewing questions open up C-levels and… Read More »

Building Strong Foundations for Start-ups with Strategic Sales Solutions

So, you have finally fulfilled your dream of running your own company. While the freedom is simply exhilarating, the challenges that come with such a bold decision might seem overpowering at first. However, this will certainly not be the case when you have a trusted partner as SolutionsHead, and the road ahead will seem like… Read More »

Strategic Sales Solutions : Drive Success with the Right Mix

Organisations that spend the required amount of time in devising and implementing strategic sales solutions experience phenomenal growth that is miles ahead of others that don’t take this necessary step. Organisations across geographic locations spend thousands trying to get the right mix of strategic sales solutions and flawless execution, a potent combination that has what… Read More »