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The Role Play of Lead Generation in Marketing

Lead Generation: For gaining potential Leads & increased conversion rate of prospect, call SolutionsHead Global Services & get trending Lead Generation Services. In simply words, the term Lead Generation denotes the creation of consumer interest for particular product or services in any business process. In today’s competing marketing scenario, leads are generated for purposes such as… Read More »

Sales Lead Generation-Why should you use a telemarketing agency instead of employ your own people for Cold Calling

Cold-calling is a proven many for many small businesses to generate leads. But, for many businesses, there’s always the question of who actually does it. Even for larger companies with dedicated sales teams this is a valid question: should you use your own people or turn to a specialist telemarketing agency? Let’s put aside how to… Read More »

B2B Lead Generation – A Sales Team Optimisation Imperative

B2B Lead Generation is tough out there these days… especially when you are a professional services provider selling to corporate world. Double especially, when your value proposition is not necessarily readily tangible to the target audience, and if it is, the target immediately considers the investment required as “discretionary”. The degree of difficulty in capturing… Read More »