Real Time Monitoring of Remotely located Plants and Captive Power Generation Units: A boon for CIOs in Manufacturing Industry

By | March 9, 2013

real time plant mis dashboardThe major challenges for Manufacturing companies is to optimize the manufacturing process and to maintain similar quality of Product across all units and real time monitoring the plant operations of Plant & Power Generation units. Generally plant MIS is generated by CCR teams and different parameters and variables are recorded on day-to day basis for each plant individually. A combined report is prepared then by compiling all the reports.Top Management and plant experts then review these MIS reports and analyse the performance and quality of each plant. This process takes almost 2-3 days to complete. Now the major concern is how to optimize your manufacturing process and enable top management and plant experts to review data in real time so that they can guide the operation team and control the quality of the product.

SolutionsHead Global Services came up with a solution for the CIOs in manufacturing industry which enables them to implement a Real time Plant MIS Dashboard for remotely located plants and captive power generation units and enable top management and plant experts to view MIS report in Real Time as a widget on  their Desktop and Mobile devices and Smartphones as well.  By using this application, Management and Expert teams can view and change different parameters and values and control the quality results of your product.