The Role Play of Lead Generation in Marketing

Lead Generation: For gaining potential Leads & increased conversion rate of prospect, call SolutionsHead Global Services & get trending Lead Generation Services. In simply words, the term Lead Generation denotes the creation of consumer interest for particular product or services in any business process. In today’s competing marketing scenario, leads are generated for purposes such as… Read More »

Social Media Marketing : New Era of B2B Marketing

Marketing can mean a lot of different things to entrepreneurs and business owners. For some, it’s a form of advertising and to others, it’s getting more known on Social Media. Still others see marketing as a means for lead generation: doing whatever it takes to get people into a database list. According to the American… Read More »

Sales Outsourcing and Lead Generation Drives More Revenue to Your Business

Company’s know the value of a qualified business lead which is why they spend lots of money on trade shows and advertising. A quality business lead gets the sales team excited and keeps them motivated on selling. I’m sure you have heard all the excuses in the world on why your sales team isn’t selling… Read More »

C-Level Selling Tips – Keep Competition Out of Your Key Accounts

Competitors are constantly approaching your top customers and their C-level executive staffs with offers of better, easier, and cheaper. If you’re nothing special to the high ranking staff you’re vulnerable to replacement. If any of the staff had missed expectations, you’ll be talked about negatively and again vulnerable. If you haven’t stayed in touch reinforcing… Read More »

C-Level Relationship Selling – How to Differentiate When Selling

It’s easy to differentiate if you use numbers names and details because all of yours differ from all of your competitors’. In the greater scheme of things, your products or services are similar to competitors’. But, in the finite scheme of things every competitor is different – different people, different number of installations, different sizes… Read More »