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Is Social Media Leadership Critical for a CIO?

Do CIOs need to engage and evangelize public social media networks to effectively lead their organizations in social media initiatives? Or is facilitating connection and collaboration among employees and clients enough? Who is most responsible for cultivating a social corporate culture? These are the questions I asked myself after reading the news that only about 10 percent… Read More »

The Importance of Big Data

Whether we like it or not, we live in a globalized world, where people are communicating with one another on all kinds of platforms, from mobile to social networks. More important than communication is, for companies, producers and manufacturers all over the world, the fact that these people are consumers. Working with the big data… Read More »

Utilization of MIS in Manufacturing Industry

An organisation succeeds by bringing together and managing certain resources in a productive way. The traditional list of resources comprises labour (manpower), money, material, managers, machines and facilities. Only over the past two decades has information come to be recognised as another resource, one that is crucial to the management of others and one, which… Read More »

The Changing Role of IT in Manufacturing Industry

Today’s manufacturing enterprise, whether it produces consumer goods or weapons systems, must often juggle a range of conflicting demands. Smaller lot sizes, increased product flexibility, higher product quality,decreased delivery time, and smaller profit margins are typical of the ambitious goals in many such organizations. Through it all, the enterprise must consistently aim for the five R’s—produce the right… Read More »

Real Time Monitoring of Remotely located Plants and Captive Power Generation Units: A boon for CIOs in Manufacturing Industry

The major challenges for Manufacturing companies is to optimize the manufacturing process and to maintain similar quality of Product across all units and real time monitoring the plant operations of Plant & Power Generation units. Generally plant MIS is generated by CCR teams and different parameters and variables are recorded on day-to day basis for… Read More »