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Sales Outsourcing and Lead Generation Drives More Revenue to Your Business

article2Company’s know the value of a qualified business lead which is why they spend lots of money on trade shows and advertising. A quality business lead gets the sales team excited and keeps them motivated on selling. I’m sure you have heard all the excuses in the world on why your sales team isn’t selling as much as a business would like them too.

I’m sure the number one excuse is that they don’t get enough leads. Sales professional understand that sales is nothing but a numbers game, and that they have to get through so many “NO” answers before they get the “Yes” and close that new business. The fact of the matter is most sales people are lazy and they hate doing the cold calling and business development that is required in order to keep their sales pipeline full. Most sales people feel that they are getting paid to “sell” and not getting paid to do marketing and business development.

There are typically two types of sales people “The Hunter” and “The Farmer”.

The Hunter is typically very good and going out and finding new business opportunities and leads. They are great at cold calling and driving interest into a product or service. The Farmer only wants to kick back and have all the leads given to them and focus on exisiting accounts and an occasional hot lead. Yet, if you had good quality leads given directly to your sales force, not only will find that you revenue will increase, it will also keep the moral of the sales force up.

However finding good quality leads can be very challenging, that is why outsourcing this function on a pay-per-performance basis can help reach those sales goals. Not only is the trend to outsource lead generation but you can also outsource your entire sales functions. Why only limit your sales productivity to those people that you are paying a salary to when there are companies that are hungry to sell your products or services. After all having a very large sales force can only increase your chances of driving more revenue.