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B2B Telemarketing Tips: Which Work Better in Current Scenario

frustrated-telemarketerMany companies have been talking about B2B telemarketing as the secret to their success. However, very few of these have actually leveraged it to the maximum potential. And the reason is the lack of awareness about best practices. There are things that you do and things you don’t while trying to get more leads via telemarketing. This article provides a glimpse of both, to help brands and marketers achieve the desired goals.

The first step to ensure B2B telemarketing hits the spot with customers is to never open with a sales pitch. Cold calling is a tried, tested, boring, irritating and dead means of getting the message across. Marketers are tired of it, telemarketing teams know it won’t work, and customers don’t even listen to mechanical voices directly telling them about some product or service. Also, once the prospect has said no, there’s no point trying to explain the proposition further. It’s better to thank them for their time and disconnect the call so that more persons can be contacted by using the same resources in a better manner. There’s a difference between perseverance and being stubborn, and continuing talking even after the person has refused is the latter.

Next, one must never call back the leads who had refused within a short span of time unless it’s a different product or some revolutionary improvement. B2B telemarketing relies a lot on the judgment of the caller, and it’s likely that if a person has already refused the offering once, they’re not going to reconsider again anytime soon, for certain. One must also research the potential clients before making the call, simply because the more research one does, the more qualified the lead would turn out to be. For solutions like software that can be customized to the needs to the client, one can benefit greatly by researching, since then they would know what are the problems faced by the client and how the product or service can help.

Adequate intervals between B2b telemarketing calls are necessary, especially when the first call has been denied. Businesses can definitely pitch a different product, but there needs to be a certain amount of time so that a fresh approach can be adopted to get better results.

So that’s it! these are the top B2B telemarketing tips that can help you in the current business scenario. All the best!