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Sales Outsourcing: The Perfect Strategy for Enterprises

In recent times, companies are increasingly getting into the sales outsourcing mode, for the simple reason that they realize that it’s a lot better to trust the experts, than hire people and train them, losing on time and resources in the process. Across the world, there are millions of enterprises that operate in various domains. Quite obviously, sales is an important part of all these enterprises. However, not all have employees with the necessary skill set. Many don’t even have a dedicated sales team, just multitasking employees who juggle between generating leads and executing the operations. However, while this is all perfectly fine till the time things are at a very basic level, the moment things start to get bigger, and hopefully better, there is need for a more focused approach, so that the progress can be sustained. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and many sales boosting efforts have fallen flat simply because of the fact that the strategy wasn’t right, which translates to just one simple fact – lack of expertise.

However, thanks to the concept of sales outsourcing, this problem has been taken care of in a more than adequate manner. There are many consultancy firms that specialize in sales outsourcing, which means that they take the onus of generating sales on a third party basis, so as to ensure that the business continues to grow at a steady pace, even if the employees in their client’s organization do not have the requisite skill set. The benefit to the organization, besides the obvious boost in revenues, is that there is hardly any risk associated, which could have been the case if a dedicated sales team had been hired and would have had to be paid over a long period of time for results to show. Also, the fact is that since such firms have dedicated and experienced staff that has been involved in such activities for a long period of time, the chances of getting the desired results, faster, are significantly higher.

How Can Small Business Lead Generation Help Your Business

small-business-lead-generationMarketing a business is quite a task, and it’s not possible for everyone to be an expert at it. And when it comes to small business lead generation, the proposition gets even more complicated, since the organization is not known, and probably has to take head-on competition from established brands. In this regard, a majority of the organizations choose to take the assistance of specialist agencies that have proficiency in these operations.

These agencies help companies achieve their desired objective, and there are many benefits of this kind of an initiative, the first one being the fact that the organization can stay assured that experts are working on its campaign. This obviates the need for hiring specialized staff, which is more often than not, quite expensive. On the other hand, doing small business lead generation via outsourcing helps in getting an estimate cost for every lead, which is the best possible proposition for a small enterprise, as it gives an accurate figure of how much needs to be spent to achieve the desired business objective. Thus, the business does not have to go on a wild goose chase, and can instead focus on bettering its offering.

Also, the organization can sort its leads in a better manner, since specialist agencies provide accurate and detailed statistics, segregating the leads into hot, warm or cold leads. In this regard, half of the job is already done, and businesses just need to act upon the leads that are most likely to be converted. Also, small business lead generation via a specialist agency helps in finding out which kind of media is delivering better results than the next, so that the business knows where it has to pump in more investment to get better results. All in all, partnering with a reliable firm is an extremely beneficial step for all kinds of small enterprises.

However, just because qualifying the call is a very important aspect of the process does not mean that one should jump directly into it. It’s essential to understand the stage at which one should attempt the same. Ideally, the first stage of a sales call is about introducing oneself and talking about the product. Once that has been taken care of, the salesperson needs to begin probing the prospect, with regards to checking how much interest has been generated. The introduction stage during small business lead generation is essentially all about telling the other person why the call was made, and it is very important that the prospect is made to feel that he/she was handpicked from a list simply because the product or service being offered caters to his/her needs.

Real Time Monitoring of Remotely located Plants and Captive Power Generation Units: A boon for CIOs in Manufacturing Industry

real time plant mis dashboardThe major challenges for Manufacturing companies is to optimize the manufacturing process and to maintain similar quality of Product across all units and real time monitoring the plant operations of Plant & Power Generation units. Generally plant MIS is generated by CCR teams and different parameters and variables are recorded on day-to day basis for each plant individually. A combined report is prepared then by compiling all the reports.Top Management and plant experts then review these MIS reports and analyse the performance and quality of each plant. This process takes almost 2-3 days to complete. Now the major concern is how to optimize your manufacturing process and enable top management and plant experts to review data in real time so that they can guide the operation team and control the quality of the product.

SolutionsHead Global Services came up with a solution for the CIOs in manufacturing industry which enables them to implement a Real time Plant MIS Dashboard for remotely located plants and captive power generation units and enable top management and plant experts to view MIS report in Real Time as a widget on  their Desktop and Mobile devices and Smartphones as well.  By using this application, Management and Expert teams can view and change different parameters and values and control the quality results of your product.


Logistics Management : A challenging task for any CIO

logistics managementLogistics management is a challenging task for CIOs in any industry. Management faces challenges with freight rates with local transporters unions. These unions are responsible to decide freight rates and this chunks a huge amount of your budget. However CIOs can come up with a solution to this problem with a RFID based vehicle access control system and find a way to deal with local truck cartels and  improve loading efficiency.

Usually transporters are not committed to their job and delivery and again they always take time to report at entrance, weighbridges, loading, security check point and exit. SolutionsHead comes up with a freight bidding system and vehicle access control system which not only help you to take control on freight rates but also reduce the total time consumed by the trucks right from the reporting to delivery and return. With online bidding system you may break the cost of freight and hire most convenient trucker and again reduce turn around time by giving them RFID access card at various checkpoints. This solution can be implemented to any industry where you need to pack and deliver your consignments by road.